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Green Element Chemical Website C A 360 Chemical E-commerce Expert
Green Element is an innovative e-commerce website in chemical industry, in which four flows (information, capital, goods, and

logistics) are integrated into one system. The website focuses on the chemical industry with product categories on raw

chemicals, chemical equipments and instruments, and other related consumer and industrial products. It is a multifunctional

platform, containing service categories on industry information, sales, purchases, technologies, consulting, logistics,

financing, HR, software etc., and embedding various transaction modes, such as free trade, ask bidding, auction, warehouse

receipt exchange, and Green Element is dedicated to offer a 360 e-commerce solution for all chemical companies.

Green Element owns a product database of nearly 110,000 chemicals. A unique structure search engine was launched by Green

Element in China for the first time, and it has obtained national copyright protection and software attestation. The website

offers both on-line and off-line payment options, and the flexible payment methods has been integrated into eight platforms

on logistics, expert support, technology market, business interaction, management consulting and HR etc, to create a brand

new e-commerce business model.

Green Element was nominated as The best B2B website in Chemical Industry in 2007 and was awarded the AAA Credit Rating

by China e-commerce Institute in April 2008.

Core Values:
A comprehensive solution of chemical industry;
Four flows (information, capital, goods, and logistics) integrated into one system
Fulfill nine demands on purchases, production, sales, logistics, technologies, equipments, financing, human resources

and management for all enterprises;
Free trading, bidding, auction, warehouse receipt exchange and other transactions;
Flexible payment methods, online or offline;
ntellectual property market, converge to the primary productivity-improving force;
JIT logistics, supply chain management optimization;
Latest information and up to date price quotation;
Online expert consultation;
Structure search engine, with a 110,000 chemicals database;
Knowledge sharing and customized services;
  Wuhan E-ternity Technologies Co., Ltd